Exhibitor information

Data, dimensions and prices für die

international Tarantula Exhibition

in Weinstadt am 12.10.2024

Prinz-Eugen-Halle Großheppach
Zügernbergstraße 36
71384 Weinstadt


Registration as an exhibitor is possible on 14.04.2024 from approx. 12 pm CEST directly on the homepage.


Table prices

1 table = 40€

2 tables = 70€


A deposit of 20€ per exhibitor will be retained.

This will be refunded when leaving the site in an orderly manner.

One additional accompanying person per exhibitor is included in the price.

The tables have the dimension 160cm x 70cm.

There must be an 10cm high edge at the front of the table.

This high edge is not provided by the host.

Electricity can not be applied to the tables.



Admission for exhibitors from 7.00 am.


Start of the exhibition

Admission for the public from 10.00 am.