Important Notices

We ask for your attention:

It is only available as part of the event "Internationale Vogelspinnenbörse Weinstadt" in the Prinz Eugen Halle Großheppach is permitted to offer, sell, swap, etc. invertebrates and accessories (such as containers, literature, terrariums, plants, etc.) by renting a stand at the exhibition.

Alcohol is prohibited at the event.

Dogs are not allowed at the event. With the exception of assistance dogs (however, proof of this must be provided).

So-called Parking lot business or the Sale from the car and similar in the exhibition environment are not tolerated. Here, too, reinforced Controls through the Authorities .

Likewise, it will not be tolerated if people try to offer and sell their animals or goods in the hall without having a registered table.

We also expressly point out that no Scorpions, no Scolopender and no spiders of the genera Latrodectus, Loxosceles, Phoneutria and Sicarius are permitted. It is not permitted to offer or even hand over these animals. The same applies to all Vertebrates.

The containers used need to fit the animal size! I.e. adult animals of medium to large species are not allowed to be stored in Cricket tins !

The organizer appeals to the common sense of all people involved and asks you to consider:

  • that stores in parking lots and similar activities or the trade in animals that are not admitted to the stock exchange cause lasting damage to our hobby
  • that the people who call for complete bans on stock markets and bans on keeping "dangerous or exotic animals" are given direct arguments by such behavior
  • that larger stores without renting a stand are simply unfair to the vendors who rent tables

We would like to maintain the International Bird Spider Fair as a unique event with a friendly, fair and cheerful atmosphere, where the joy of the species-appropriate care of invertebrates and fairness are in the foreground. Of course, it is still permitted to arrange and carry out a transfer of individual animals, even if you are only a visitor, or to offer individual animals to exhibitors for purchase or exchange.

Notes on photo and video recordings:

The images will be used for the following purposes: Provision of the images to participants; internal image database or image archive; use in the internal network (intranet); references to other and similar events; our own print media and comparable publications; public reporting on the event; use on our website; publication in social media. Legal basis of the recordings: Information of the public and performance of statutory duties pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. e., para. 2, para. 3 GDPR in conjunction with. § 4 LDSG. Retention period of the image recordings: The image recordings are stored for as long as is necessary for the aforementioned purposes. The image recordings may be stored internally for an unlimited period of time, e.g. to secure legal claims under copyright law by providing evidence of original recordings and also for reasons of historical documentation. In the event of publication, the recordings may be published for as long as the respective publication carriers, articles or contributions are publicly accessible.

Notes on image recordings by third parties: Image recordings may also be made by the participants of the event on their own responsibility. We ask participants to respect each other's personal rights.
We ask you to show particular consideration for minors and not to photograph them or only to photograph them with the consent of their legal guardians or, in the case of young people aged 16 and over, with their consent.


The organizer