Regulation for the international Tarantula Exhibition

The welfare of the animal must come first.

Therefore, our request to you, both as an exhibitor and as a visitor: treat the animals as your best friend and follow the bourse rules not as an annoying requirement of the competent authorities, but as rules that have been made for the protection and welfare of the animals.

With this in mind, we wish you a great day at our exhibition.

  1. only invertebrates, food animals and accessories may be offered! We also expressly point out that no scorpions, no scolopenders and no spiders of the genera Latrodectus, Loxosceles, Phoneutria and Sicarius are permitted. Offering or even just handing over of the mentioned animals is not allowed.
  1. For reasons of animal and species protection, only offspring and legally imported animals may be offered.
  1. no animals may be given to minors without the accompaniment of parents.
  1. smoking and alcohol are prohibited on the premises of the fair.
  1. terrariums or containers used must be suitable for the size of the animals and have sufficient ventilation.
  1. the containers must not be stacked. Exceptions are possible only with the consent of the organizer.
  1. Furthermore, the containers must be secured against jostling and falling down by an approx. 10 cm high edge, attached to the front of the table. This fall protection is not provided by the organizer!
  1. The containers must be designed to be escape-proof.
  1. the containers have to be equipped with suitable ground.
  1. a responsible person must be present at each stand. The offered animals must not be left unattended.
  1. the containers are to be placed at table height and free of vibrations.
  1. the name and address of the exhibitor must be displayed on the table.
  1. The containers need to contain a Label with the scientific name and the gender of the animal (If known).
  1. the regulations concerning the protection of species are to be observed.
  1. Containers shall not be lifted for sexing of animals. Knocking and shaking of the containers is prohibited. Lifting of the containers shall be be kept to a minimum. Care must be taken to keep the containers horizontal so that the animals are not irritated.
  1. In case of violation of the rules and regulations or animal protection regulations, the organizer may exclude the vendor from the further course of the animal exchange.
  1. Only providers who undertake to comply with the Exhibition Rules may be admitted.
  1. dogs or other vertebrate animals are not allowed on the fairgrounds.
  1. the instructions of the security staff must be followed.

set-up for traders: from 07.00 am.

Admission for the public: from 10.00 am

Declaration of commitment:

I hereby undertake to have read and to accept the Exchange Regulations. Furthermore, I am informed that I can be excluded from the exchange immediately in case of violation!

In the event of exclusion, no fees will be refunded!